Say Yes is the one book you need to help you become the saint you were created to be...

  • A straightforward, practical and insightful process to help you integrate and live out your faith in daily life

  • ​Understand the truths necessary for you to discover your unique mission in the world

  • ​Synthesizes the knowledge, experience, and wisdom of the Catholic faith into practical and insightful guidance, encouragement and inspiration to assist you in putting “First Things First” in your life 

  • ​  Learn the 4 Steps of the SAY YES to Holiness process that once implemented into your life, will help you encounter authentic peace each and every day

  • ​ Give you the four tools necessary for you to truly live the life of abundance God desires for you

  • ​Empower you to discover purpose, peace and abundance in your daily life and embrace the life God created you for

  • ​Printed as a bilingual (English and Spanish) "flip book"

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From Christina...

This book shares a simple, but time-proven method synthesized from Sacred Scripture and the wisdom of the Catholic Church that will allow you to embark upon an extraordinary personal journey using a process that will revolutionize and transform your daily life and empower you to live a life of purpose, peace and abundance. 

If you but SAY YES.

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